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We tailor our refrigerated delivery service to perfectly fit you and your specific needs. Whether you require fast refrigerated courier services to safely transport fresh produce to its final destination or a specialist temperature controlled chilled courier service that’s ideal for the efficient transportation of pharmaceuticals and bio matter, we can help.

A reliable refrigerated delivery service you can trust

As one of the UK’s leading national couriers, we understand that different types of shipments require different levels of specialist care and attention, and this is particularly important when it comes to refrigerated goods. That’s why our superb fleet of temperature controlled vehicles are equipped with the latest temperature monitoring systems designed to maintain exactly the correct temperature needed to keep your goods safe and secure throughout transit. What’s more, this additional functionality doesn’t come at the expense of speed or reliability - our chilled or frozen or dual refrigerated delivery service provides the same quick delivery times as our regular services.

For additional peace of mind, this excellent service also uses the latest technology to keep the transit process as transparent as possible. We provide you with a temperature printout that is dated and timed, along with a signed proof of delivery document. This means you can be absolutely confident that your consignments have been treated according to your specific instructions throughout their journey, and that they are delivered at the correct temperature.

How does it work?

As specialist refrigerated couriers, we offer a complete, turnkey delivery service that is quick and easy - from the moment we collect your shipment to the minute it is delivered at its intended destination. We arrange a convenient time to collect your chilled goods, use an expert team of knowledgeable and experienced couriers to load, monitor and transport the shipment, and ensure a quick and secure delivery thanks to our extensive collection and delivery road network. We complete all temperature controlled jobs on a direct, dedicated service.

As is the case with all of our courier options, our specialist refrigerated goods service allows you to select how involved you would like us to be in the collection and delivery of your goods. We can partly or fully manage all of your logistical needs based on your specific requirements, and we have the technology available to handle whatever type of delivery you need to make.

Book your chilled goods courier

Whether you want to arrange dual chilled or frozen transport of goods, or both temperatures at once, simply get in touch. You can contact us online or give us a call to chat directly with one of our friendly team - we will be delighted to help.