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The delivery service industry is saturated with couriers, with so many offering fast and safe deliveries, this can make choosing the right service for you even more challenging. Finding a London courier to transport goods which require a temperature controlled service can be hard to find, particularly one you can trust with your sensitive goods. This why Links Courier goes above and beyond to provide a fast and reliable delivery service, with extra care and documentation to ensure you receive your good with the utmost confidence in its journey to you, using only the most high-tech technology.

When transporting goods from London that requires a temperature controlled environment, you need an expert who you can trust to prioritise not only the speed and efficiency of your delivery, but the constant care needed to maintain the temperature of you goods, even when the van is stationary. You can count on us and our trained staff to deliver your goods with documentation, for our service that provides multi temperature delivery, as well as overnight standby refrigeration.

Why Choose Links Courier as a London Courier Service?

Temperature Controlled Courier Service in London

Our proven track record of temperature controlled deliveries is unbeaten, with years of providing a secure, timely service with your temperature controlled needs as an absolute priority. Links courier considers every aspect and minor detail of your delivery to ensure your goods are delivered to their destination with all expectations exceeded. Despite being based in London, with drives ready on standby in the country’s capital, Links Courier has a fleet of vans and staff that is spread nationwide to ensure delivery and pick up is fast and covers a wide area. This allows us to have the widest reach, no matter where you are based.

Temperature controlled courier service – Chilled, Frozen or Dual Temperature

Links Courier can deliver the goods at a temperature specifically requested by you using vans equipped with the latest temperature monitoring systems. This includes chilled, frozen or dual temperature for the delivery of goods with individual specifications. This allows Links Courier to deliver a wide variety of goods to meet your needs.


Temperature Controlled Courier Service in London

Overnight Standby Refrigeration

Temperature Controlled Courier Service in London

Do you need your goods transported across Europe? To an all-day festival? Or perhaps a catering event? For any delivery that involves the van being on standby for a long period of time, Links Courier can provide a service tailored to you. Our vans are equipped to ensure up to four pallets will be kept in a temperature controlled environment until they are needed, including when the van is stationary. This can allow you to relax in the knowledge that your goods are being well monitored over long distance travel, and over long periods of time.

Temperature Print Outs, Dated and Timed Deliveries

Links Courier knows the importance of consistency when it comes to temperature sensitive goods. Therefore, we provide temperature print outs as proof of your goods journey from pick up to delivery in our hi-tech vans, with a signature on both ends. Just because this is a specialist delivery, does not mean we compromise on efficiency or speed. Other services that we offer include CCTV monitored delivery, urgent same day delivery, delivery of dangerous goods and heavy haulage.

Temperature Controlled Courier Service in London

Our reputation speaks for itself, with customers using our many services daily with reliable and efficient results. To enquire about our ADR transportation services then click here or call us for an instant delivery quote on 02035813411 or 08452268379.

If you would like to learn more about how you might be able to benefit from our other services, check them out linkscourier.com for more details.

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