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25th October 2019
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30th October 2019

Edinburgh is the second largest city in the United Kingdom, it is a hub of business and a supporter of a dense population. As a result Edinburgh heavily relies upon a fast and efficient delivery of parcels to ensure business can be carried out day and night. At Links Courier we ensure that we meet all of your courier needs, including Edinburgh parcel delivery. In addition, Links Courier can meet specific delivery needs such as heavy haulage, temperature controlled, same day delivery etc… This is where Links Courier can meet your needs where traditional courier services cannot.


Edinburgh parcel delivery for businesses

With Edinburgh being home to a large number of businesses, Links Courier knows that it is important to have a parcel delivery company that is experienced and reliable. With years of experience and a team of drivers that are fully trained you can rely upon Links Courier to deliver your parcel to anywhere in the United Kingdom and from any city, including Edinburgh. At Links Courier we know that getting your parcel delivered swiftly is also important in business and for personal deliveries which is why we use two delivery drivers per truck. This allows our drivers to stay on the road for longer by taking turns driving. This means your Edinburgh parcel delivery gets there quicker than typical courier services, and our vehicles are available sooner for your next delivery. We also know that in busy cities like Edinburgh, business does not end at the close of a business day. With Links Courier open 24 hours, you can rely on us to answer any queries you have, give you a quote and arrange same day deliveries for those last minute and time sensitive Edinburgh parcel deliveries. 

Open a business account for your Edinburgh parcel deliveries

As a business, now that you have discovered Links Courier, why not open a free business account? With a free business account you can benefit from preferential rates for being a loyal customer, making LinksCourier  even better value for money. In addition, booking an Edinburgh parcel delivery will be even easier and faster with all of your details stored and easily accessible. In addition to this, Link Courier insure your goods up to the value of £50,000. With our Goods in Transit insurance we can even insure up to £100,000 more on request. So you can rest easy when you trust Links Courier as your chosen Edinburgh parcel delivery.

Specialised Edinburgh parcel deliveries 

Not every Edinburgh parcel delivery has the same requirements so at Links Courier we have a large and varied fleet of vans to meet every parcel’s needs. Whether you require a temperature controlled delivery, a CCTV protected delivery, heavy haulage, airport services, international delivery, signed delivery, scheduled delivery or same day delivery, we can meet your needs. If you call before 11am we can ensure that we will send out one of our specialised vans within the hour of your initial booking to guarantee that your parcel reaches its destination anywhere in the UK and EU that very same day.


With our extreme flexibility, urgency and availability, why have your Edinburgh parcel delivery taken care of by anyone else? If you would like to sign up to a free business account, you would like an instant quote or simply want to book your next Edinburgh parcel delivery do not hesitate to contact us. You can either call on 0203 581 3411 or email us on [email protected].

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