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No matter what needs to be shipped - from urgent documents or contracts to large, oversized and heavy shipments of fragile, highly valuable, temperature controlled, palletised or even hazardous goods - Links Courier has a fleet capable of catering to your every need. One of the UK’s leading courier companies, we have the experience, the personnel and, perhaps most importantly of all, the diversified fleet needed to transport all forms of specialist freight both domestically and overseas.

Vehicles in our exceptional fleet include everything from regular small vans, medium vans and long wheelbase vans to Luton curtain-sides with tail lifts, temperature controlled LWB vans, 7.5-tonne trucks, 18-tonne lorries and 26-tonne lorries, meaning we truly do have the right vehicle for any job. Our team of professional couriers receive comprehensive training which enables them to confidently handle loads of any size and composition and, for additional peace of mind, each vehicle in our fleet is even fitted with CCTV security cameras.

The right vehicle for any load…

Aside from the monitoring and security benefits brought about by our fleet’s CCTV technology, each vehicle is also fully tracked and ADR compliant. This means we have the knowledge, skills and specialist fleet at hand to meet any of our clients’ diverse requirements.

Browse our entire fleet below and see what’s right for your shipment. Alternatively, for more information about our fleet or tailored expert advice, simply get in touch with our friendly team today.

Small van

Ideal for smaller, lightweight shipments, including those containing urgent tenders, contracts and other documents in small lightweight parcels, as the name suggests our small vans are the smallest vehicles in our fleet. Each van can carry one regular UK pallet, has a maximum payload of 360kg and is perfectly suited for urgent, small-load domestic jobs.

Long wheelbase van

The perfect combination of capacity and mobility, we also have long wheelbase Mercedes Sprinters vans in our fleet. Able to transfer significantly more cargo than our small vans at four pallets, these vehicles are perfect for both domestic use and use on the continent. With a maximum payload of 1150kg and a 4m x 1.9m loading space, this is a favourite of couriers the world over as it can be used for almost any small to medium sized load.

Long wheelbase van with temperature control technology

Designed to allow for the safe transportation of fresh produce, pharmaceuticals and bio matter, our temperature controlled long wheelbase vans are equipped with the latest dual temperature monitoring systems designed to maintain exactly the correct temperature needed to keep goods safe and secure throughout transit. Perfect for chilled, frozen or dual temperature controlled deliveries in London, these vans can hold up to four pallets of goods, with a max payload of 1000kg, and can even keep their load chilled when the vehicle is not on the move thanks to our plug-in option. This makes this van ideal for overnight onsite jobs.

Luton curtain-side truck with tail lift

The largest member of the van fleet that still easily allows for small road access and routes with tight and intricate streets and delivery locations, our Luton curtain-side trucks are essentially a hybrid between a van and a truck. It is an ideal choice for larger shipments or irregular oversized loads that are still light enough not to require a lorry. Unlike our smaller vans, this vehicle benefits from flatbed storage with no wheel arches taking up space, meaning up to six regular pallets can be loaded, with a maximum payload of 1200kg. Because of their curtain-sided design, these trucks make it easy to load wide or long items.

7.5-tonne curtain-side truck

Although perhaps not as nimble as the smaller vehicles in our fleet, our 7.5-tonne curtain-side lorries are ideal for large loads and heavy consignments that require transporting to tight deadlines - particularly in cities and other built up areas - thanks to their low cab position and short external height. Not quite as bulky and tall as our larger lorries, these handy fleet members can still hold an impressive 10 pallets and make simple work of curbside deliveries thanks to their useful tail lifts.

18-tonne curtain-side truck

With the capacity to carry up to 14 standard UK pallets and with a maximum payload of 9000kg, our 18-tonne curtain-side trucks are the second largest vehicle in our fleet. These professional HGVs are a great option for large, heavy and oversized palletised loads that are bulky and potentially tricky to transport. These beasts are also equipped with tail lifts to aid the loading process and a mobile pump truck to make unloading as easy as possible when forklifts are not available.

26-tonne curtain-side truck

The largest vehicle in our fleet, our 26-tonne curtain-side truck has a huge load capacity of 16 standard UK pallets (20 Euro pallets) and a maximum payload of 16000kg. Designed for transporting large, heavy and oversized loads over long distances, this professional lorry represents the best way of transporting large shipments by road in the UK. As with its smaller counterparts, this vehicle also comes equipped with a removable side curtain, an easy tail lift and a mobile pump truck to allow our expert couriers to load and unload cargo quickly and safely, even when forklifts are not available.

Find out more today

For more information about our fleet, any of our specific services or to get a quote today, simply contact us online or give us a call to chat directly with one of our friendly team.