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ADR (Dangerous Goods) Courier
21st August 2019
Temperature Control
Temperature Controlled Courier Service in London
10th September 2019

Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is full to the brim with history, culture and activities. J.K. Rowling even wrote the first instalment of the phenomenal Harry Potter series in an Edinburgh coffee shop. Maintaining such a wonderful city relies on the efficiency of the council, its businesses and its people. are various ways of increasing efficiency, one of which is through courier services you can trust. Cities which are as busy as Edinburgh always have a tremendous amount of mail and the Royal Mail service is not always as reliable as you need. For those times, courier services can be invaluable in ensuring that your goods are delivered in a timely and secure manner.

Why Links Courier

At Links Courier we have a proven track record of providing exceptional and timely service across a range of different services to suit your every courier need. Whether you need same day delivery, ADR delivery, international delivery or many more, you can breathe easy as our highly trained staff and state of the art equipment goes the extra mile to ensure your goods are delivered to your every specification. Our fleet is spread across the nation to guarantee quick pick up and deliveries.

CCTV Protected Delivery


When your goods are highly valuable and you need an extra layer of protection, our CCTV protected delivery can be the perfect solution. Each of our CCTV vans feature multiple cameras, both on the inside and outside of the vehicle. The vans are also security sealed to provide the most secure service possible. We also ensure that every CCTV job is done so with no stops, in one direct journey. During the journey the images from the camera are automatically uploaded live to our cloud service which is monitored throughout. Once it has arrived at its destination, each delivery is signed for and electronically delivered by email to notify the sender.

courier service edinburgh

Lost Luggage Collection


courier service edinburgh

Available at Edinburgh Airport and many more across the UK, lost luggage collection can help to ease the stress and worry which comes when your luggage is lost. We will personally collect your luggage from the airport and deliver it to you worldwide. This service is done with high priority and efficiency, therefore where possible the collection and delivery process is aimed to be completed within 24 hours. This isn’t limited to the size or type of luggage either, as our professional couriers will meet you when you arrive at your terminal.

Guaranteed Urgent Same Day Delivery

For those deliveries that are particularly urgent. Our fleet is spread across the UK and most of Europe, ensuring our trustworthy service is available to you wherever you are. For added efficiency and peace of mind, every guaranteed same day delivery jobs are completed with no stops along the way and are trackable for their entire time with us.

We are one of the most efficient courier services in Edinburgh and across the country. Whatever your specific requirements, our services are bespoke and designed to relieve stress and courier the way that is most convenient to you.  

courier service edinburgh

Temperature Controlled Same Day Delivery in Edinburgh, the UK and Europe


courier service edinburgh

Need to move goods which need to be kept at a specific temperature at all times? Our temperature controlled same delivery is ideal for those products which need to be kept chilled, frozen or dual temperature during travel. Each of our vehicles in this service are specially equipped with temperature monitoring systems to ensure goods are kept at their correct temperature.

International Shipping Service

One of the most trusted couriers in Edinburgh, we can deliver your goods wherever you need them to go, whether that’s in Europe or the rest of the world. This is done with great speed too, as we achieve this on the same day, the following day or within the space of 2 days. Take the stress out of your international deliveries and let us deal with customs, we also provide tracking throughout the process so you always know where your delivery is and the stage it is at with the delivery.

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk – going the extra mile for our clients. If your international delivery is highly urgent, our specialist international couriers will board the plane with your goods to guarantee they are delivered as quickly and securely as possible.

courier service edinburgh

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